Charity work & community

Community has always been very important to us as is our charity work. We are always looking for our next big challenge for a worthy cause. Adam Claret climbed Kilimanjaro in 2012 and raised £7,500 for Clic Sargent and in September 2015 will be cycling from London to Brighton to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.


Now, his wife Liza Claret along with her cousin Naomi Carmel Brown Jane Soames and her friend, Lisa Tredler will be fund-raising to support "Miriam’s Vision" which was launched in July 2015. This education programme is a response to the way in which Miriam (Mim) lost her life on 7/7 in Tavistock Square.

Mim was Liza Claret’s childhood friend. She was 32 years old, full of life, kindness, ambition and talent. Her mother, Mavis Hyman, says "negative events can be turned round to stimulate positive responses with growing momentum. Everyone can choose to be part of this momentum."

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"Miriam’s Vision" is a collection of unique, high quality lesson plans for secondary school teachers, including guidance notes and accompanying resources (video footage, photographs, reproductions of artifacts from Odisha, the location of Miriam’s memorial, the Miriam Hyman Children’s Eye Care Centre). This will support teachers in approaching the topic of the London bombings in a non-confrontational way. Students will develop tools to demand tolerance of themselves and of others to enable them to live more harmoniously in a pluralist society. The plan is to make "Miriam’s Vision" available as widely as possible and to test the impact it is having on secondary school teachers and their pupils. It is secular and non-political.

And so in October 2016 Liza, Naomi and Lisa will fulfil their ambition in taking the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Clarets Residential will cover the cost of the trip so that 100% of the money raised will go solely to Miriam’s vision. In addition to this Clarets Residential will contribute money from every sale that we make in 2016.

Liza Claret says;
‘I am not a political person, but we live in a time when everyone is at risk, wherever they are in the world, from extremist thoughts and actions. As a mother and a human being, I am increasingly concerned about the future my children and loved ones will have if something is not done now.

If we can educate, inform and change the way someone processes information, make them a part of our multi cultural society and embrace everyone for their uniqueness and differences then we will have succeeded.

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