What’s my property worth?

The very best way to find out what you property is truly worth is to request a valuation and meet with one of our very experienced sales valuers, at your home, for a FREE NO OBLIGATION marketing appraisal.

Our valuer will talk to you about comparable properties which have recently been sold in your location, and will give you a realistic, honest estimate on the price your property will achieve if it was placed on the market. They will also be able to talk to you about market trends and an advertising campaign suitable for your property.

If you are not ready to move just yet, this will still be a worthwhile exercise and we can then update you as the market changes, and if we feel that your property price has altered from the one quoted.

We can also advise you if we have applicants registering for your particular location or for your type of property, that way you can make a decision on marketing at a time when you know we will have applicants ready to walk through the door immediately.

The valuation process takes between half an hour and one hour, depending upon how much information you would like. If you want us to stay all morning and give you every piece of information possible, we are happy to do that too. Click here to book your valuation with us today, and we look forward to speaking to you.